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Image: What standard of facilities does your nursery provide?

What standard of facilities does your nursery provide?

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To be honest, any nursery provider should answer this by saying: “excellent”.  If they don’t then there might be areas that are less than satisfactory.In terms of Riverside Nursery, as endorsed by our Outstanding OFSTED rating, our facilities are excellent – inside and out.  They have to be if we are to maintain our position as a leading early years education provider in south London, and to continue to demonstrate compliance with OFSTED’s requirements.

Tell me about your facilities?

We have a well-equipped play garden, which is bright, spacious and highly popular with our little ones.  This is an area where they can let off steam, run around, play safely and enjoy being with their friends.
All of our rooms are air conditioned which makes a huge difference in hot and humid months.  Children can play comfortably, without fear of getting hot or tired.
Our learning rooms and baby suite are all perfectly designed, spacious and equipped to deliver EYFS requirements.As a Montessori nursery, we give children the personal learning freedom that they need, so that they can begin to make their own choices, within the parameters we set.Why do we do this?  Because we understand that children learn differently to adults and work best when they are allowed to make their own learning choices, in a child-friendly, calm and well planned environment.

The Montessori classroom

Our learning rooms are clean, well ordered and calm.  Everything is in its place, and designed with the child in mind.  From our child-sized tables and chairs, to the height of the bookshelf, and general accessibility to toys, resources and learning materials, it’s all within easy reach for children. This prepared environment is a big feature of our learning at Riverside.
“Rarely are we asked by a child if they can have something, given that they can get it themselves!”

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Our staff are the backbone of Riverside’s success

Our Montessori teachers, helpers and staff are exceptionally motivated and dedicated to their work.  A well-equipped environment without great staff is not good enough – we provide both, and the happy children and babies that we nurture are a testimony to this.

Riverside Nursery, Battersea provides little ones with a home from home experience.  When you need to be at work and have to leave your baby or child with someone else, you can be confident that we nurture and encourage your son or daughter, through his or her tender early years.  Whether your child joins our beautiful baby suite, lower or upper school, our amazing team will make sure they go home having had the best day ever!

Talk to us on t: 0207 0784098, email:  office@riverside-nursery.co.uk

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