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Image: What is your OFSTED rating?

What is your OFSTED rating?

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Many parents are confused when we tell them that Riverside Nursery is rated as ‘Outstanding’ by OFSTED, forgetting that they don’t just regulate schools, but nurseries too. Some parents, if they are new to parenting and education, don’t actually know who OFSTED is! Here’s your chance to find out more.

Who is OFSTED?

Ofsted is the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills. They are charged with inspecting and regulating all services that care for children and young people, across the ages – and that includes nurseries like ours.

OFSTED carry out regular inspections to ensure ongoing compliance with government expectations

Following an inspection visit, a report is issued and a rating given.  The highest rating a provider can get is ‘Outstanding’.
Ofsted reports can be valuable when your family is deciding which nursery or school to apply to.  Nurseries and schools are obliged to publish their rating on their website and to provide a copy of the full report if a parent asks.  And that’s what we suggest you do. Download our OFSTED report here

So what does it mean to be an ‘Outstanding Nursery’?

There are 4 key areas that OFSTED inspectors consider.  These are:
• The effectiveness of leadership and management
• Quality of teaching, learning and assessment
• Personal development, welfare and behaviour
• Outcomes for children and learners.
To be given an Outstanding rating (July 2013), Riverside had to clearly demonstrate compliance in all of these areas, but not just that we were meeting the standards expected, but exceeding expectations, striving for excellence and encouraging children to be the very best they can be, by giving them the very best early years experience.Our report says that: “Children are making excellent progress in all areas of learning. This is because of the excellent learning environment, educational programmes and assessment procedures that are used cohesively by staff to meet children’s learning needs.”“Our OFSTED inspection is something we are hugely proud of. It’s a celebration of all that we strive to do, and have achieved over the years.” (Sandra Taylor, Founder/Owner)

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