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Image: Should I choose a Montessori purist? What does that mean?

Should I choose a Montessori purist? What does that mean?

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If you have come across the term Montessori purist school then you may be a little confused.  What is a purist school anyway and how does it differ from someone like Riverside Nursery in Battersea, South London?

Is your nursery a token Montessori, or a purist?

It has been said by parents that some Montessori nurseries are not purist, in that they use the materials provided by Montessori, adopt the learning philosophy, etc but fail to deliver a curriculum that encompasses the core elements referred to in the Montessori framework.
That’s not a train of thought that the Riverside team shares.  We do not believe that there are many, if any purist Montessori nurseries out there.  We are all governed by OFSTED who inspect nurseries against the requirements of the Early Years Foundation stage (EYFS), so in that sense, we cannot be Montessori purists.

We deliver the EYFS, via the Montessori Curriculum and that’s what other nursery providers are doing also.

So the term purist Montessori is not a recognised term.  We all follow the EYFS, adopt Montessori learning methods and Montessori Philosophy and are governed by OFSTED.  If found to be non-compliant, a nursery could will be given a poor rating.

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Who is OFSTED?

Ofsted is the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills. They inspect and regulate services that care for children and young people, and services providing education and skills for learners of all ages, including Montessori nurseries.
It reports directly to Parliament and is both independent and impartial. By Law it must inspect all nurseries and schools with the aim of providing information to parents, to promote improvement and to hold schools and educators to account.

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