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Image: How does a Montessori nursery encourage imagination and fantasy?

How does a Montessori nursery encourage imagination and fantasy?

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A big part of the Montessori approach focuses on children being given the space, equipment and time to develop their sense of imagination and fantasy – without being told what to do and think.

The curriculum encompasses six core areas of learning

The Riverside Montessori programme is designed to fully prepare children for their next stage of schooling and is intertwined with the Early Years Foundation stage (EYFS) that aims to lead children to achieve a number of Early Learning Goals.The curriculum is grouped under six broad areas of learning: Communication, Language and Literacy, Numeracy, Knowledge and Understanding of the World, Creative Development and Physical Development.

Creative development - a space to experiment and to imagine

Maria Montessori believed that children from a young age needed to be encouraged to fantasise, and to imagine – and in so doing, develop creatively.

Free-play is a key part of developing a child’s imagination at Riverside

At Riverside Nursery in Battersea, children are encouraged to listen and participate in active and engaging story time, to dress up as different characters, but most of all to have free-play in the natural environment, alongside other children of their own, or of a similar age.
Whilst a teacher will always be present during free-play, they will not attempt to intervene or influence a child’s choice of activity, unless it is to correct behaviours, or to subtly guide those struggling with their choice

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Developing inner confidence through active decision making

The idea behind a Montessori teacher ‘guiding’, rather than ‘telling’ a child what to do, is that it helps them to develop their own sense of identity, inner confidence and ability to imagine and create/solve problems for themselves.
So whether a child wants to be Cinderella, Superman or Kermit the Frog, that’s absolutely fine at Riverside!  We want children to develop an imagination – and that starts by giving them everything they need to be creative.

Riverside Nursery, Battersea provides little ones with a home from home experience. When you need to be at work and have to leave your baby or child with someone else, you can be confident that we nurture and encourage your son or daughter, through his or her tender early years. Whether your child joins our beautiful baby suite, lower or upper school, our amazing team will make sure they go home having had the best day ever!

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