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Image: ‘Home From Home’ Nurseries Are Best

‘Home From Home’ Nurseries Are Best

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Let’s face it - leaving your baby in the hands of someone that you don’t really know is never going to be easy for a mother or a father. But it needn’t be traumatic and difficult if you do your research and invest time in finding a nursery that provides a ‘home from home’ experience. Have you discovered one yet?

Are you due back at work soon?

If the time is coming when you need to go back to work, you shouldn’t put it off, but start to assess the pros and cons of different childcare providers in your locality. We think a good place to start your search is to look for a nursery that provides a ‘home from home’ experience.

The right nursery will enrich your child’s life

This is an emotional time for you. The special bond that a mother/father shares with their child is beyond words. The truth is, most of us would probably prefer to stay at home permanently and look after our own children. Unfortunately that’s not always possible.

It’s all to easy to believe that placing your baby in a nursery environment is going to make them unhappy or unsettled. Certainly there will be a period of adjustment for you both – but after a few days or maybe a couple of weeks, our experience is that everyone involved starts to feel more comfortable with the new situation.

There are some great nurseries out there

In our experience, an outstanding nursery (through the eyes of a parent) is one that provides a true ‘home from home’ environment.

A ‘home from home’ nursery really does understand the concerns and issues that parents face. They don’t just look after the physical requirements of a child, they enrich their lives in every way, each day – from the moment they arrive, to the time you pick up after work.

It all starts at Riverside!

Sandra Taylor, founder and owner of the Riverside Nursery SW18 completely understands a mother’s perspective when it comes to leaving their baby or child in the hands of someone else. “That’s the whole reason why I set up Riverside,“ she said. “What we try to do here is provide the nearest thing to a real home – somewhere where your child will feel secure, excited and comfortable – a place where they will make friends and learn new things. In my opinion, it’s rare to find such an environment where (we’re told) parents feel a special connection with staff.”

Riverside was rated ‘Outstanding’ by OFSTED following their most recent assessment.

Places are available for new babies aged 0-1 year from September, 2016.

Riverside Nursery in Wandsworth, South West London is a Montessori nursery.  It’s where you and your child are very much part of the family from day one!  Call us today to book a visit so you can see our children - playing, learning and enjoying themselves in a warm, caring, ‘home from home’ environment.

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