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Image: Helping kids to stay hydrated and healthy

Helping kids to stay hydrated and healthy

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One of the things parents often ask their child when they get back from nursery is: “what did you get up to today?”, followed by “what did you drink and eat?” Most parents are hugely concerned with what their children are consuming in their absence. That comes from a general appreciation of the importance of healthy hydration and food intake particularly in younger children.

For example, younger children and babies need much more water than we do. Their bodies are made up of 75% of it! That means they have much more to maintain.

Becoming dehydrated can affect a child’s learning abilities, concentration and energy levels

The simple fact is children, whatever age, need to be encouraged to know what and when to drink – and that starts with their nursery provider.

Parents are very good at reminding their children to drink when they are around, but what happens when they are working and are left in the care of someone else?

You need to be looking for a nursery provider that not only provides healthy water and milk, but one that encourages children to understand when and how much they need to be drinking each day.

Some nurseries like Riverside in Wandsworth, South London, have drinks on tap so children can access them when they want. This encourages independence and confidence in making healthy choices, but it also subtly promotes the importance of having a drink.

For those that find it hard to stop for liquid refreshment because they are too busy having fun(!), Riverside staff are on hand to encourage children to drink enough, and to drink the right things.

For example, older nursery children may prefer to manage eating their snacks by themselves, others may need more staff encouragement, and babies, of course, will need much more intervention.

Encouraging children to take control and to stay hydrated

Before a child can become a confident drinker, they need to recognise when they are thirsty. For example, a dry mouth, is a sure sign (particularly after physical activity) that a drink is needed.

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“It all comes down to our experience and providing children with the right drink options,” said Riverside. “Hydration is one of those things that many parents are aware of, but often overlook when sending their children to nursery, so ask a few questions before you decide, and you can be confident you are doing the
very best you can to keep your little one hydrated, happy and ready to learn.”

Riverside Nursery in Wandsworth, South West London, provides little ones with a ‘home from home’ experience. When you can’t be around and need to leave your precious baby or child with someone else, we’ll do our best to give them the healthy start that they deserve. Whether your child joins our vibrant baby suite, or energetic lower or upper school, our experienced team will make sure they receive the very best care, and leave us full of smiles.

Talk to us on t: 0207 0784098, email: office@riverside-nursery.co.uk

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