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Image: Do you take your children out on visits?

Do you take your children out on visits?

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Yes!  Riverside Nursery actively encourages children to gain independence when their parents are not about, by taking part in specially planned visits. This also encourages an eagerness and interest in learning.

An opportunity to learn, discover and explore in different, everyday places

We take opportunities to reinforce or introduce a new learning experience by going out and about!
Visits are always well supervised, planned and children just love to do something special and different while at nursery with their friends.

Introducing children to the world and community around them

We visit City Farm, a wetlands centre, the theatre, library and regularly go on local riverside walks, weather permitting!  These are highlights of the day that our children look forward to, and a real talking point when they get home and recount what they’ve been up to.
It’s clear that our children get much from these trips out hence we actively encourage it as part of our curriculum and learning ethos.

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An ‘away from the nursery’ experience

Being away from the nursery introduces children to the world around them.  This helps to shape their thoughts and observations, and gives them a taste of what is to come.
Outdoor activities like this are particularly encouraged and commented on by reception teachers when our children move on to the next stage of schooling.
This is a typical comment that has been made: “Children who come from Riverside Montessori Nursery are well rounded, confident little individuals.”
We are immensely proud that children leaving us regularly obtain places at the most sought-after schools in the area, and we like to think its because of the quality, diversity and range of learning experiences they have been introduced to whilst in our care.

“Riverside is a nursery where we would be proud to send our own children - and we are sure that you will be proud to send yours!”  (Sandra Taylor, Riverside Nursery Founder)

Riverside Nursery, Battersea provides little ones with a home from home experience.  When you need to be at work and have to leave your baby or child with someone else, you can be confident that we nurture and encourage your son or daughter, through his or her tender early years.  Whether your child joins our beautiful baby suite, lower or upper school, our amazing team will make sure they go home having had the best day ever!

Talk to us on t: 0207 0784098, email:  office@riverside-nursery.co.uk

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